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The DUCA Impact Lab is a registered charity established by the DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. The mission is to bring better banking to all, including helping individuals break free from predatory lenders. After a successful pilot program, the Impact Lab looks to expand their reach and help even more Canadians. Learn more at

Take control of your debt with this first important step.

Don’t let your high-interest lender get away with predatory lending rates. Contact us to see if you’re eligible for an Escalator Loan.*

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We’re ready to help you.

Let us help you break free of the Payday loan trap so you can better manage your personal finances and debt obligations:

  • Lower interest rates
  • Loan approval is based on cash flow, not credit score
  • Payments made directly to Creditors — you won’t have to deal with them
  • Ongoing money management support
  • Qualify for an interest rebate when the loan is paid back on time
  • Escalator Loans are reported to Equifax (Credit Bureau) which means borrowers are able to improve their credit standing while re-paying the loan.
No Hidden Fees
No Hidden Fees

Unlike the exorbitant interest rates and fees associated with Payday loans, the Escalator Loan has no hidden fees or penalties.

Flat Interest Rate
Flat Interest Rate

Each Escalator Loan has a flat rate of Prime +8%, a rate much lower than that of predatory lenders.


Borrowers who make payments on time receive a rebate equivalent to a 2.00% reduction on the interest rate.

Escalator Loan
Principal Pre-Escalator Loan$4,000 Escalator Loan $4,000
Interest Rate (APR) Pre-Escalator Loan46.93% Escalator Loan 13.45%**
Term Pre-Escalator Loan5 Years Escalator Loan 2.5 Years
Monthly Payment Pre-Escalator Loan$217.29 Escalator Loan $157.74
Total Payments Pre-Escalator Loan$13,027.38 Escalator Loan $4,732.28
Total Interest Costs
Pre-Escalator Loan $8,027.38
More than DOUBLE
the borrowed principal
Escalator Loan $732.28
Rebate to Borrower $113.58

**Rate example only   

This Escalator Loan Borrower reduced the following:

  • Monthly payments by 29%
  • Length of term by 50%
  • Total cost of borrowing by 92%

*Criteria to qualify for an Escalator Loan:

Regular income

Willingness to complete a phone assessment and the DUCA Impact Lab Cash Flow Tool

Have existing high interest debt (outside of the DUCA Credit Union)

Debt cannot exceed $18,000

Must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident

Not available in Quebec

Cannot have undischarged bankruptcy

Cannot have outstanding child support without a payment plan in place

Cannot owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency without an approved payment plan in place