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Escaping the trap of overpriced debt

When people use expensive sources of credit such as payday loans, they often get trapped in a cycle that pushes them further and further into debt. If we provide the right kind of support, can we help people escape this financial pitfall and get back on track? We say yes!

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Helping new arrivals earn Canadian accreditation

New Canadians who arrive with credentials in their profession are often forced to work for years in low-wage jobs until they can complete accreditation programs to practice in Canada. The right assistance could help them qualify sooner so they can start contributing their valuable skills.


Smoothing out cash flow to improve success rates

Young start-up companies in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors face an array of financing challenges, not least of which is cash flow. Innovative approaches to cash flow and financing can help them weather the early days and increase their chances of success.


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