Banking journeys of the ‘underbanked’

Almost everyone has a bank account, but not everyone has the same experience working with banks. We asked low income individuals living in Toronto what their experience looks like with financial institutions and other financial service providers. Read the following summary from Prosper Canada to find out what they had to say.


It’s business and it’s personal – Cash flow management journeys of the underbanked entrepreneur

For entrepreneurs, financing the ups and downs of running a business can be a challenge and often involves the blending of personal financial lives with the business. However, underbanked social entrepreneurs have very limited options for leveraging their personal finances and often have to stretch their cash flow as far as it will go to make their enterprises work. We spoke to a number of Ontario based social entrepreneurs about how they are managing this ‘cash flow crunch’ and the impact these decisions have on their business. Read the report from The School for Social Entrepreneurs to find out more.


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