Helping Cash strapped Entrepreneurs Succeed, Without Sacrificing Financial Health

Small- to medium-sized enterprises who are starting out (including small businesses, social enterprises and smaller non-profits) often experience cash flow struggles. With small operating budgets, little working capital and limited access to lines of credit from banks, they have fewer resources than their larger counterparts to manage these challenges.

Traditional Approach

Smaller companies often can’t get working capital or lines of credit from the banks, forcing them to manage as best they can on a day-by-day basis using grants, start-up loans and revenue without a long-term financial management plan.

Impact Lab Approach

Use specialized invoice factoring to improve cash flow management to facilitate day-to-day management and enable longer-term financial planning. Tap into efficiencies in the Impact Lab partner group to fund loans to provide working capital that helps them manage more effectively and improves their chances of success.

How Do We Make An Impact?

Reduce the % of receivables in delinquency

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% decrease in average days delinquent

Increase the amount of cash available

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% increase in cash available

Accelerate revenue growth

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% change in gross revenue

Reduce traditional debt financing needed

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% change in overall deb-based liabilities

Increase capital available for asset purchases

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% change in total assets

Eligibility Requirements

The most basic requirements for applicants are:

  • Uses an invoice to solicit payment, ie. no cash-based point of sale
  • The applicant's customers are businesses, although we've made exceptions if wecan verify credit of the consumer customer
  • Have been in business (with revenue) 3months minimum
  • Are located in U.S. or Canada

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Program Partners

We are working with these partners to find innovative solutions and start making an impact for credit challenged individuals. Click the link below to learn more about them and how they are working to help make a difference.

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