Help new Canadians get accredited faster

Professionals who move to Canada from other countries face an expensive and lengthy transition, as they satisfy the requirements of professional associations, regulatory bodies and apprenticeship boards in order to obtain Canadian licensing. Most need to find work quickly to cover living expenses and the costs of requalifying programs.

Traditional Approach

Newcomers often have to work long hours at low-paying jobs to survive until they save enough money to have their credentials assessed or complete training. Often these jobs are barely sufficient to cover the cost of living for them and their families, let along their professional expenses. Credit from banking sources is often denied or limited due to lack of credit history, collateral or suitable employment.

Impact Lab Approach

Provide financing for credential assessments and training requirements as a first step, enabling newcomer professionals to reach their earning potential sooner. Leverage government and foundation guarantees to provide additional opportunities for impact lending through the credit union.

How Do We Make An Impact?

Create opportunities to better access mainstream financial services

Success Meter

% who move on to a primary banking relationship with a mainstream financial institution such as DUCA

Improve credit ratings

Success Meter

Change in credit ratings for individuals receiving a Foreign-Trained Professional loan

Reduce likelihood of experiencing unemployment or underemployment in future

Success Meter

% of program participants opening DUCA accounts that receive deposits from EI and/or a reduction in payroll deposits of 40% or more

Increase positive financial behaviours

Success Meter

Percentage of loan recipients who open a savings account, TFSA or RRSP

Increase earning power

Success Meter

% change in annual income of borrowers compared to other foreign-trained professionals

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