DUCA Impact Lab brings together a network of organizations and companies who care about making a positive difference to people, non-profits and small enterprises who are underserved and overlooked by the traditional financial services model. Partners select the program(s) they wish to participate in and we work collaboratively to find innovative solutions to test and share with the wider community.

School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE)


A project of Tides Canada, SSE is a community of grassroots leaders from all walks of life collaborating to advance social and environmental change. SSE offers intensive fellowship programs, workshops and classes to help promising community innovators and emerging visionaries become the best leaders they can be by leveraging the tools of business. SSE fellows do not “graduate,” they enter a lifelong community of social change allies.

Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF)


LEF’s mission is to provide integrated and holistic community responsive initiatives that enable individuals and families to be full contributors in the economic and social development of their communities. LEF works with residents, partner organizations and local stakeholders to achieve both social and economic improvements.



FundThrough is an innovative technology company helping American and Canadian small business owners improve their cash flow through invoice factoring and financing. Founded in 2014, the company serves business owners across North America from our offices in downtown Toronto.

Prosper Canada


Prosper Canada, is a national charity dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation. Prosper Canada works with government, business and community partners to develop and promote financial policies, programs and resources that remove barriers and help more Canadians to prosper.



CacheFlo is a Canadian based FinTech Company that builds behaviour-based spending management tools that financial institutions and organizations can use to help individuals and families get more life from the money they already have. Their suite of tools allows professional users to provide behavioural spending advice to those they are trying to help.

The CacheFlo Pro client portal enables individuals and families to share spending and other financial data with institutions or organizations in order to receive simple and personalized guidance on how to change spending habits. An organization's teams can quickly assess an individual for family's financial capacity for change within seconds of their information being submitted.

It’s not unusual for CacheFlo Pro to help financial institutions and organizations find hundreds of dollars a month leaking out. Sometimes as much as $1500/mo per household is easily freed up with simple behaviour changes. A significant portion of this found money is redirected to fund an individual or family’s short and longer-term financial goals resulting in more life from the money they already have!

DUCA Financial Services Credit Union


DUCA Financial Services Credit Union Ltd. (DUCA) was formed in 1954 and has grown from a single branch credit union in Toronto to branches across the GTA and Central Ontario with nearly 60,000 Members. DUCA provides comprehensive banking services to both individuals and businesses through an innovative Co-Operative Banking model. With no-fee banking, a profit-sharing program that rewards Members and a commitment to communities, DUCA is an attractive alternative to traditional banking institutions.

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