When you learn about how DUCA Credit Union started and what we stand for, you’ll understand why we created the DUCA Impact Lab.

DUCA is a vibrant credit union that was started in 1954 by a group of new Canadians who didn’t have access to the mainstream banking system. As immigrants, they didn’t fit the conventional wisdom of the time of what a good banking customer looked like. So they established a financial co-operative that would work on behalf of its Members.

That was the start of our “profits with a purpose” philosophy, and it has continued to be our touchstone as we have grown from a single branch in Toronto to many branches across Southern Ontario, with more than 60,000 Members and a strong online presence. It is evident in every financial transaction, product, interest rate and community initiative we offer, and in our dedication to helping our Members “do more, be more, achieve more” with their money and their lives.

As you can see, we’re not your average credit union.

We’ve never followed the conventional wisdom of the banking industry. Conventional wisdom treats banking products like commodities.

As DUCA’s history demonstrates, we believe there is an opportunity for financial institutions to create value for all. There is an opportunity to work with people to help them manage their money effectively and give them support when they need it. And there is an opportunity to succeed as an organization by helping people and businesses to succeed financially.

As the next chapter in our story of helping people who are overlooked by the banking industry, DUCA is proud to have founded the DUCA Impact Lab, a registered charity that explores equitable solutions to financial system challenges.

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